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Schneider will increase prices for electrical switchboards and panels

Due to the price of raw materials, labor costs and transportation costs since last year, in order to ensure product quality and better meet customer demand, the company decided that the switch panel class part of the product price will be adjusted from zero hour on December 1, 2023 Specific price adjustment program is as follows.

Product SeriesAdjustment Range
Unica Texture+5%
Unica Metal+20%

*Please refer to the system price after December 1, 2023 (00:00) for the adjusted price.

The new list price of all the above products will be effective at 00:00 on December 1, 2023. 

Orders generated before 00:00 on December 1, 2023 will be subject to the original price. 

All orders involving the price adjustment need to be picked up before December 30, 2023, if the goods are not picked up later than this deadline, Schneider will cancel the corresponding operation, etc. 

Orders generated after December 1, 2023 will be executed according to the new pricing policy after the price adjustment.

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