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Kernal Automation Careers

The core cultures of Kernal Automation are "Innovation, Collaboration and Integrity". Employees cannot only find personal development and fulfillment through completing assignments and carrying out projects.

A wide variety of activities are also organized to help employees find a balance between work and life by providing a more active, diverse and multi-faceted workplace. We believe this helps employees unleash their creativity and passion at work. It also builds rapport by creating more channels for communication and interaction between employees and the company.  

About Kernal Automation

Founded in 2004, Kernal Automation is committed to providing customers with all kinds of automation products and related accessories, as well as industry 4.0 solutions. With a team of almost 300 employees, we take pride in offering a wide range of over 56,285 electronic components. Additionally, we have formed partnerships with over 125 renowned brands from across the globe.

It's a great time to join Kernal Automation as we are growing! When you join Kernal Automation,  you won't just be joining any organization, you'll be joining a group of industry experts leading in industrial automation solutions for Programming, Procurement, Cabinet OEM, and Customization among others. Visit us at https://kernal-automation.com  to find out more about what we do and the impact we are creating!

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