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丨New Product Special丨Pendulum Gear Rack Type MSQ Series

SMC has upgraded its existing product lineup with the introduction of a more compact and lightweight swing cylinder, the rack-and-pinion MSQ series. Compared to the existing product, it has a wider swing time adjustment range, a larger center bore for piping, and an additional external buffer. In addition, it has a highly interchangeable pendulum and end plate (customized) with the existing product. The new MSQ realizes high durability and accuracy through large rolling bearings, and is suitable for automated applications such as workpiece rotation, clamping, sorting, and handling.

SMC 12.28.jpg

Compare with the previous product MSQ20:

△ Maximum reduction of height by 28% (54mm→39mm).

△ Maximum weight reduction of 28% (940g→680g).

△ Suitable for automated applications such as workpiece rotation and handling.


For this product, if you have any uncertainty or need more product information, feel free to contact us.

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