Company News

Development plan direction

In order to keep the company moving forward, in order to be the most hardcore trading company, our goal is not just a small foreign trade company

The direction of our development plan, the goal is to make at least four "unicorns"

1. Foreign trade sales team with strong expansion force.

Continuously expand our foreign trade sales team, expand the sales team while cultivating the best quality sales, and provide customers with the best quality service

2. Independent B2B2C platform for industrial categories

Continuously develop our own independent B2B2C platform for industrial categories to provide professional and targeted products

3. Cross-border SaaS software platform

Independently develop our cross-border SaaS software platform, expand the scope of distribution, and help customers improve the industry

4.Self-developed hardware product department (general AI robot)

Has its own R & D hardware product department, launch robot products

Our WHS development is also nearing completion and coming live

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