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Motto : Trust each other and fulfill each other.

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Graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University with a major in Electrical and Automation.

Previously worked at Pangang Co., Ltd. as an automation engineer, participated in the design and commissioning of Voestalpine's steel production line.

Previously worked at Siemens Southern Service Center as a technical support engineer for Siemens automation products.

Previously worked at Mitsubishi Electric FA Service Center as a technical support engineer for Mitsubishi Automation products.

Previously worked as an OEM customer sales engineer at a Siemens distributor.

Have been engaged in robot research for over 20 years and firmly believe that can design highly flexible humanoid robots.

Skills: Logic control, frequency conversion control, motion control, machine vision control, real-time system programming, high-level language programming, machine learning, motion mechanics design.

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  • August 2023 Birthday Party
  • Automation remains a sunrise industry. Because: (1) The improvement in zodiac efficiency brought about by automation is significant. (2) From poverty to prosperity is a necessary path for every country. Once people become wealthy, they will lose interest in tedious repetitive labor, and in more and more industries, machines are needed to replace people. So we believe that we can have long-term cooperation with our partners around the world for a lifetime.
  • We have no knowledge of online marketing, and often other companies suggest that we do Google advertising, open stores on eBay, Amazon, and even promote Facebook advertising. But we still feel that these are not important to us, even though our competitors spend a lot of money on their advertising every year. We feel that there is a significant difference in the business model between our company and our competitors, Because 85% of our business comes from old customers, we rely more on them, which is different from our competitors. Our sales team has established very good friendships with our customers, and many of them have even become very close friends with their entire family. So we feel that we still don't need too much so-called online marketing in the future. At the same time, we generally only want to meet our customers, and we do not want to meet our customers' customers because as an intermediary, we clearly understand our position.
  • When Chinese people began mass manufacturing 6-axis industrial robots, the prices of industrial robots in the market began to plummet. Currently, the cheapest 6-axis industrial robot (5KG, 940mm) in China has dropped below $2500. As an industrial automation practitioner, I find it difficult to judge whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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