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My name is Xiao Tao, 24 years old, from Hunan, China. I am an optimistic and cheerful person with a wide range of hobbies. I like fitness, watching TV series, climbing mountains and so on.

I am very happy and honored to join this big family, which not only provides me with a good platform to grow, exercise and show myself, but also gives me the opportunity to meet more new colleagues and new friends.Hope in the future work we can give more advice!

I believe that through our mutual understanding and understanding between each other, we will not only become the cause of the comrades in arms and struggle together, but also become the life of the like-minded, weal and woe of friends.Finally, I would like to work hard with you for our common cause! I will definitely work hard.

Tao xiao

Tao xiao


Motto : People's dreams, will not end!

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