We resell original 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0,

And we also produce Substitutes.

There are several types of substitutes, price from $30 to $300.

It's used for S7-200/300/400 and DP communication.

Support for SIEMENS 200PLC 9600 19.2k 187.5k baud rate!!

Support 200PLC and ET200 communication
SIEMENS 300 400PLC 19.2K 38.4K 187.5K support 500K 1.5M baud rate
Support DP, PROFIBUS (DP) any station on the entire network.
Support SIEMENS CNC 840D machine tool
Support  RS485 relay
Support WinCC, support for SIEMENS HMI (screen with MPI/DP interface)
Support XP Windows 2000 WIN7 VISTA 32 bit WIN7 64 bit
Support USB2.0 USB1.1
Use SIEMENS original drive (V5.5 STEP7 or more without the need to install the driver, plug and play)
Full signal photoelectric isolation, anti-interference, communication stability.
Support PPI/MPI/DP multi master communication.
Length: 3 m in color: Black / Purple
With LED indicator 3

Artikelnummer 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0
Supply voltage
24 V DC Yes
Input current
Current consumption, typ. 100 mA
Power consumption, typ. max. 2.5 W
Interference immunity against discharge of static electricity
● Interference immunity against discharge of static electricity acc. to IEC 61000-4-2 Yes; 6 kV contact discharge to IEC 61000-4-2; 8 kV air discharge to IEC 61000-4-2
Interference immunity to cable-borne interference
● Interference immunity on supply lines acc. to IEC 61000-4-4 Yes; 2 kV to IEC 61000-4-4, burst
● Interference immunity on signal lines acc. to IEC 61000-4-4 Yes; 1 kV to IEC 61000-4-4, burst, length < 3 m; 2 kV to IEC 61000-4-4, burst, length > 3 m
Surge immunity
● on the supply lines acc. to IEC 61000-4-5 Yes; 1 kV (to IEC 61000-4-5; surge symm.); 2 kV (to IEC 61000-4-5; surge asymm.)
Immunity against high-frequency electromagnetic fields
● Interference immunity against high-frequency radiation acc. to IEC 61000-4-3 Yes; 10 V/m, 80 to 1000 MHz (to IEC 61000-4-3); 10 V/m, 900 MHz, 1.89 GHz, 50% ED (to IEC 61000-4-3)
Immunity against conducted interference induced by high-frequency fields
● Interference immunity against high frequency current feed acc. to IEC 61000-4-6 Yes; 10 V, 9 kHz to 80 MHz (to IEC 61000-4-6)
Immunity to magnetic field interference
● Interference immunity to magnetic fields at 50 Hz 30 A/m; to IEC 61000-4-8
Emission of radio interference acc. to EN 55 022
● Interference emission acc. to EN 55022, class B Yes
Ambient conditions
Operating temperature
● Min. 5 °C
● max. 40 °C
● Permissible temperature change 10 °C/h; Operation: 10 K/h; storage/transport: 20 K/h
Storage/transport temperature
● Min. -20 °C
● max. 60 °C
Relative humidity
● Operation, min. 5 %
● Operation, max. 80 %; At 25 °C (no condensation)
● Storage/transport, min. 5 %
● Storage/transport, max. 95 %; At 25 °C (no condensation)
● Operation, checked according to IEC 60068-2-6 Yes; 10 to 58 Hz: Amplitude 0.075 mm; 58 to 500 Hz: Acceleration 9.8 m/s2
● Transport tested checked to IEC 60068-2-6 Yes; (packed) 5 to 9 Hz, amplitude 3.5 mm; 9 to 500 Hz, acceleration 9.8 m/s2
Shock test
● Shock test Tested to DIN IEC 60068-2-2; Operation: 950 m/s2 (10 g), 30 ms, 100 Shocks; Transport (packaged): 250 m/s2 (25 g), 6 ms, 1000 shocks
Width 105 mm
Height 58 mm
Depth 26 mm
Weight, approx. 100 g
last modified: 13.10.2015

We produce these substitute S7-200,300,Profibus Products.
>>>>Can be produced with your brand and model number.<<<<<
Full replace, 40%-90% Cheaper Than Original Quality and Reliable, Long Life, Sales Since Year 2002
S7-300 Front Connector 6ES7392-1AJ00-0AA0 20 Pin S7-200 CPU
6ES7214-1AD23-0XB0 14 DI, 10 DO
6ES7392-1AM00-0AA0 40 Pin 6ES7214-1BD23-0XB0 14 DI, 10 Relay
S7-300 Rack 6ES7390-1AF30-0AA0 530mm 6ES7216-2AD23-0XB0 24 DI,16 DO
6ES7390-1AJ30-0AA0 830mm 6ES7216-2BD23-0XB0 24 DI,16 Relay
6ES7390-1AB60-0AA0 160mm S7-200 Digital 6ES7221-1BF22-0XA0 8 DI
6ES7390-1AE80-0AA0 482mm 6ES7221-1BH22-0XA0 16 DI
6ES7390-1BC00-0AA0 2000mm 6ES7221-1BL22-0XA0 32 DI
6ES7195-1GA00-0XA0 483mm 6ES7222-1BF22-0XA0 8 DO
6ES7195-1GF30-0XA0 530mm 6ES7222-1HF22-0XA0 8 Relay
6ES7195-1GG30-0XA0 620mm 6ES7222-1BH22-0XA0 16 DO
6ES7195-1GC00-0XA0 2000mm 6ES7222-1HH22-0XA0 16 Relay
S7-400 Rack 6ES7492-1AL00-0AA0 48 Pin 6ES7222-1BL22-0XA0 32 DO
PS307 6ES7 307-1EA00-0AA0 24V 5A 6ES7223-1BF22-0XA0 4 DI, 4 DO
6ES7 307-1EA01-0AA0 24V 5A 6ES7223-1HF22-0XA0 4 DI,4 Relay
6ES7 307-1KA01-0AA0 24V 10A 6ES7223-1BH22-0XA0 8 DI,8 DO
6ES7 307-1KA02-0AA0 24V 10A 6ES7223-1PH22-0XA0 8 DI,8 Relay
PC Adapter /USB 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0 USB-DP,MPI,PPI 6ES7223-1BL22-0XA0 16 DI,16 DO
6GK1571-0BA00-0AA0 USB-DP,MPI,PPI 6ES7223-1PL22-0XA0 16 DI,16 Relay
6ES7972-0CA23-0XA0 RS232-DP,MPI,PPI S7-200 Analog
6ES7231-0HC22-0XA0 4 AI
CP5611, CP5512 6GK1561-1AA00 PCI-DP,MPI,PPI 6ES7231-0HF22-0XA0 8 AI
6GK15611-1AA01 PCI-DP,MPI,PPI 6ES7232-0HB22-0XA0 2 AO
6GK1551-2AA00 PCMCIA 6ES7232-0HD22-0XA0 4 AO
CP5512 Express Card Express 6ES7235-0KD22-0XA0 4 AI, 1 AO
Profibus Connector 6ES7972-0BA12-0XA0 90 Degree 6ES7231-7PB22-0XA0 2 AI RTD
6ES7972-0BB12-0XA0 90 Degree,PG 6ES7231-7PD22-0XA0 4AI TC
6ES7972-0BA41-0XA0 35 Degree 6ES7231-7PC22-0XA0 4AI RTD
6ES7972-0BB41-0XA0 35 Degree,PG 6ES7231-7PH22-0XA0 8 AI TC
6ES7972-0BA42-0XA0 35 Degree 6ES7231-7PF22-0XA0 8 AI TC
6ES7972-0BB42-0XA0 35 Degree,PG 6ES7231-7PL22-0XA0 16 AI TC
6ES7972-0BA50-0XA0 90 Degree,Fast 6ES7231-7HC22-0XA0 4 AI Energy
6ES7972-0BB50-0XA0 90 Degree,Fast S7-200 Commu 6ES7291-8BA20-0XA0 Battery
6ES7972-0BA52-0XA0 90 Degree,Fast 6ES7291-8GF23-0XA0 64K Memory
6ES7972-0BB52-0XA0 90 Degree,Fast 6ES7290-6AA20-0XA0 I/O Module Cable
6GK1500-0FC00 180 Degree,Fast 6ES7277-0AA22-0XA0 EM277 Profibus
6GK1500-0FC10 180 Degree,Fast 6ES7260-1AA00-0XA0 IM 260 DP
6GK1500-0EA02 180 Degree,Metal 6ES7261-0AA22-0XA0 IM 261 RTU
KW-DP90 Diagnostic 90' S7-300 Digital 6ES7321-1BH02-0AA0 16 DI NPN
KW-DP91 Isolationed 90' 6ES7321-1BH50-0AA0 16 DI PNP
Profibus Cable 6XV1830-0EH10 2 wire 6ES7321-1FH00-0AA0 16 DI AC
6XV1830-3EH10 TRAILING 6ES7321-1BL00-0AA0 32 DI
Profinet 6XV1840-2AH10 2X2, Cable 6ES7322-1BF01-0AA0 8 DO
S7-200 Cable 6ES7 901-3CB30-0XA0 PC-PPI 6ES7322-1BH01-0AA0 16 DO
6ES7 901-3DB30-0XA0 USB-PPI 6ES7322-1HH01-0AA0 16 Relay
LOGO! Cable 6ED1057-1AA00-0BA0 LOGO!PC-CABLE 6ES7322-1BL00-0AA0 32 DO
6ED1057-1AA01-0BA0 LOGO!USB-CABLE 6ES7323-1BL00-0AA0 16 DI,16 DO
S5 Cable 6ES5 734-1BD20 PC/TTY S7-300 Analog 6ES7331-1KF02-0AB0 8 AI 13bit
MPI Cable 6ES7 901-0BF00-0AA0. MPI 6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0 8 AI 16bit
RS232 cable 6ES7 901-1BF00-0XA0 RS232 6ES7331-7PF01-0AB0 8 AI RTD
OP cable 6XV1 440-2KH32 OP programming 6ES7331-7PF11-0AB0 8 AI TC
Ethernet-300 KW-300-ETH ETH to MPI,DP 6ES7332-5HD01-0AB0 4 AO
Ethernet-200 KW-200-ETH ETH to PPI 6ES7332-5HF00-0AB0 8 AO
Ethernet-300 KW-300-ETH-Adapter ETH to MPI,DP 6ES7335-7HG02-0AB0 4 AI, 4 AO Counter
Ethernet-200 KW-200-ETH-Adapter ETH to PPI S7-300 Commu 6ES7153-3MB00-0XB0 Modbus-TCP
Wifi-300 KW-300-WIFI Wifi to MPI,DP 6ES7153-1AA03-0XB0 Profibus Remote IO
Wifi-200 KW-200-WIFI Wifi to PPI 6ES7341-1CH02-0AE0  RS485/422

Shipping DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, EMS, Post
Payment T/T, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal
Minimum Order Quantity 1 pcs
Technical Support free
Programming Software free

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